The exhibition "Prohibit fixing posters. REA", organized by the ADCV together with Consorci de Museus de la Comunitat Valenciana is a visual tour through 600 posters that reflects the evolution of soc
Marc Martí stamps, digitally prints and installs the vinyl cuts, exhibition panels and posters of various sizes from the National Geographic exhibition "Women: A Century of Change" at the Reial Cercl
Marc Martí prints the installation: "UNLOCK" of the EspacioMarc Martí digitally prints the macro canvas that presides over the Espacio 88 (architecture, design and communication), for the exhibition "UNLOCK", curated by Cristina Román and Sara Guerrero. A singular exhibition proposal, which brings together artists and creative people from different areas, and where they have reflected on confinement, the global pandemic, and the current state of lack of confinement and new normality. More than 30 works that emerge from a trapeze (a metaphor for the current moment) and that speak of isolation, fear, but also of an opportunity to generate new social relations and, through creativity, to generate change. The installation can be visited, free of charge, in the Espacio 88 (Pamplona 88. 08018 Barcelona) from Monday to Friday from 8:30H to 13:30H. In Marc Martí, we continue to print the new reality, manufacturing and installing signaling and prevention elements covid-19 customized for each of our customers, following all safety standards to protect our workers. Likewise, we have not stopped labeling vehicles and spaces of all kinds, printing and installing banners and advertising canvases, manufacturing signs and lights of all kinds, in short, continuing to create all kinds of elements that give personality and quality to brands and companies. We continue to work for culture, printing, installing and manufacturing the elements that give image and voice to concerts, plays, exhibitions; since they are the real engine of our society, and showing that culture is safe. Our advanced cutting and large format digital printing machines, together with our great logistic capacity at national level, allow us to reach everywhere in a fast and efficient way, giving professional and effective solutions for interior design, retail, events, large surfaces, fairs and exhibitions. Once again, thank you for trusting us; we continue to work tirelessly to print your ideas! Translated with (free version) 88 in Barcelona
Marc Martí digitally prints the macro canvas that presides over the Espacio 88 (architecture, design and communication), for the exhibition "UNLOCK", curated by Cristina Román and Sara Guerrero.A si
#CapÀviaSense: More than 45,000 meals, for more than 2,000 grandmothers!At Marc Martí we feel deeply proud of having been able to do our bit in this fantastic initiative of the Txapeldun Foundation
The FineArt Igualada Festival is a photography event that features the works of photographers from all over the world. The exhibitions are spread over several ephemeral photographic showrooms. One of
Marc Martí has once again triumphed in the 21st edition of the Letra Awards, which recognise the best national visual communication and marketing works of the whole of 2019. We have won a Golden Le
The Terrassa Cultural Centre has entrusted Marc Martí with the creation of four canvases to cover the front of the old Terrassa courts, advertising this magnificent ballet nerve centre in Catalonia
The PALMADOTZE gallery ( celebrates 30 years of artistic career, and does so by opening the exhibition " Miralda + Muntadas. M&M", by the artists Antoni Miralda and Antoni Muntadas,