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N16 MMeeting Point Pensament Creatiu from 9 to 11 November 2016
"Great Valencians thinkers" by the exhibition of posters "Valencia 1873/2016" gathered at the premises of Marc Martí Mediterranean at its headquarters in Valencia Bonrepós i Mirambell be given.

Marc Martí held from 9 to 11 November MMeeting called Point of Pensament Creatiu. A meeting environment to the process, which involves creative thinking. It will bring together great talents, Valencians thinkers and creative professionals from different aspects. From architects, industrial designers were passing, packaging, graphic, interior to photographers, artists, creative advertising and graffiti appointment at its facilities in Bonrepós i Mirambell Valencia will be given. It will also serve to open the exhibition of posters named "Valencia 1873/2016". Through the great artists and designers Valencians will bring a series and collection of posters, which combine creativity, technical, revolution, contemporaneity and advertising communication in the nineteenth century. About 30 pieces will be the leitmotif of N16 MMeeting Point of Marc Martí and later Valencian citizens can enjoy a renowned museum of the city.

Marc Martí Mediterranean is positioned as a digital printing company, which makes available to its customers the latest technology, providing an advisory service in the new era with a variety of service and versatility, thanks to new developments given their experience and dedication.

The goal of Marc Martí is to bring reflection, exchange thoughts and ultimately, to share between the Valencian talent and, from their different experiences and career paths, at different stages and processes that are carried out in a creation without limits, without ties or boundaries as the digital era opens today new possibilities and ways of creation.

During 3 days you can enjoy great Valencians thinkers of the stature of Mariscal, Paco Roca, Sento LLobel, Nacho Lavernia, Pepe Gimeno, Carmel Gradolí, Paul Dieterlen, Carlos Ferrando, Borja Garcia, Didac, Mario Rabasco, Miguel Angel Giner Bou, Cristina Duran, Ruben Tortosa, Mac Diego and Modesto Granado, among others.

Attendees will enjoy during those days of vision and reinterpretation by the group of Valencians graffiti artists XLF, one of the most representative works in Valencia carteleria "Sands" Renau twentieth century, gift of conceptualization and creative plasmación is so different to other aspects.

 It is a day of learning, listening, dialogue, encounter and exchange of thought between large Valencians talents, Marc Martí Mediterranean makes available to its customers and Valencians professionals with the participation of Valencians media as: Valenciaplaza, DisenyCV and national and, Ipmark, and in collaboration with other companies such as Bodegas Murviedro, Ambar Beers and collaboration with institutions and groups such as EASD Valencia, ADCV, APIV, Club Marketing Mediterráneo, ZINK.

Attendees and speakers gathered will be presented with a memento of value Marc Marti gratitude for his assistance, response and reminder of this encounter between great artists and thinkers Valencians.

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