Obra mural del artista yturralde en la fachadfa del ivam, impreso por marc martí valencia

In Marc Martí Valencia, we printed and installed a 9 x 9 meters macro canvas, with the work 'Hathor', by the author José María Yturralde (National Prize of Plastic Arts 2020). This monumental piece can be found on the facade of the Valencian Institute of Modern Art, until May 30 this year. This work of digital printing in large format, has been made entirely in our warehouse, by our workers and technicians. The whole process of assembly and installation has also been developed by us.

This vibrant circle represents the artist's research on Egyptian, Japanese and Greek cultures. A natural connection between art and science. In addition, this work completes the exhibition 'Imaginarios mecánicos y técnicos de la colección del IVAM', where you can see five more works by the author, with his work at the Centro de Cálculo de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

In Marc Martí Valencia, we have the capacity to produce any type of advertising element for outdoor visual communication, thanks to our technical team, our workshop, and our production capacity. We have the most advanced technology to make all your projects possible.

We are also referents in the printing of works for plastic and visual artists, with a great flexibility and capacity to adapt to the specific needs that often require these artistic works. The fidelity of the colors, the shapes, or the photographs themselves, are essential in the resolution of the final pieces. We put ourselves at the customer's service, to achieve exactly the result they are looking for, focusing on the materials and techniques used. We have a large catalog of products and services, which allow us to satisfy all needs.

If you would like to ask us any questions, visit our warehouse, or have us come to you, you can send an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us directly at 96356 28 30. We will be pleased to help you in any aspect of your project.

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The exhibition "La Marjal i els Estanys d'Almenara"

La Marjal i els Estanys d´Almenara

Marc Martí Valencia, has developed, built and set up the exhibition "La Marjal i els Estanys d'Almenara", an initiative of the Almenara City Council for ACTIO Birding. It is an exhibition with 12 panels, some of them interactive, made of albiplex cardboard with ecological and recyclable materials, which is designed to be enjoyed by visitors and school groups. 

The cardboard panels allow the creation of personalized structures and circuits, and are ideal for any type of exhibition or event. They can be printed on both sides and die-cut into the desired shape. In addition, due to their lightness and resistance, they are optimal to be able to move and reuse them. An ecological and modern option, which allows us to generate modular communication elements according to our design or graphics. Sustainability and creativity together by hand!

If you have an idea for your project, we can make it a reality. Ask for your budget here.

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This year we have made a very special calendar, produced and designed by us, from advertising characters from: MARC MARTÍ COLECCIÓN.

Marc Martí Collection is dedicated to the world of advertising and graphic arts, mainly Catalan and Spanish, and mostly on paper.

It has more than 1,000,000 different references, ranging from 1860 to the present day, essentially posters of various sizes, but also posters,
displays, enameled plates, champagne plates, advertising mirrors, advertising signs, postcards, catalogs, sample books, reference books, advertising cards, packaging,
promotional elements, original illustrations and printer's proofs, photographs, clichés, typographies, etc.

We remind you that you can pick up the Calendar 2021 in our offices in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia, within our usual hours.

marc marti 2021

Surely, 2020 has been one of the most difficult years of our lives, especially for all those who have suffered losses of loved ones, for all of them a sincere and affectionate memory from here.

The entire Marc Martí group would like to wish you a good holiday season and a happy New Year. We are sure that it will bring good things! Thank you very much for trusting us!

A lot of strength and a great 2021 for everyone! 

Now the examination room has become the Viking Examination Room!


Children's areas in hospitals are increasingly seeking to be more enjoyable for children and their families, which is why with integral transformations of image and decoration, we can achieve great results.

In Marc Martí we feel proud to do our bit, to improve the life of the patients, thanks to the implantation of these wonderful vinyls, applied in the children's exploration room of the Hebron Valley. A space that has remained absolutely new, reformed by the Company seroma, with the design of

Now the examination room has become the Viking Examination Room!

In Marc Martí, we continue printing the new reality, labeling vehicles and spaces of all kinds, printing and installing banners and advertising canvases, m
anufacturing signs and lights, in short, creating all kinds of elements that give personality and quality to brands and companies.

Our advanced cutting machines and large format digital printing, along with our large capacity of logistics at the national level, allow us to reach everywhere, in a fast and efficient way, giving professional and effective solutions for interior design, retail, events, supermarkets, fairs and exhibitions.

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  4. Marc Martí prints the installation: "UNLOCK" of the EspacioMarc Martí digitally prints the macro canvas that presides over the Espacio 88 (architecture, design and communication), for the exhibition "UNLOCK", curated by Cristina Román and Sara Guerrero. A singular exhibition proposal, which brings together artists and creative people from different areas, and where they have reflected on confinement, the global pandemic, and the current state of lack of confinement and new normality. More than 30 works that emerge from a trapeze (a metaphor for the current moment) and that speak of isolation, fear, but also of an opportunity to generate new social relations and, through creativity, to generate change. The installation can be visited, free of charge, in the Espacio 88 (Pamplona 88. 08018 Barcelona) from Monday to Friday from 8:30H to 13:30H. In Marc Martí, we continue to print the new reality, manufacturing and installing signaling and prevention elements covid-19 customized for each of our customers, following all safety standards to protect our workers. Likewise, we have not stopped labeling vehicles and spaces of all kinds, printing and installing banners and advertising canvases, manufacturing signs and lights of all kinds, in short, continuing to create all kinds of elements that give personality and quality to brands and companies. We continue to work for culture, printing, installing and manufacturing the elements that give image and voice to concerts, plays, exhibitions; since they are the real engine of our society, and showing that culture is safe. Our advanced cutting and large format digital printing machines, together with our great logistic capacity at national level, allow us to reach everywhere in a fast and efficient way, giving professional and effective solutions for interior design, retail, events, large surfaces, fairs and exhibitions. Once again, thank you for trusting us; we continue to work tirelessly to print your ideas! Translated with (free version) 88 in Barcelona

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