Advertising banners of all formats and urban circuits

Advertising banners and Venetian banners are basic elements in the outdoor communication of cities and towns. They represent a great opportunity for promotion, given their high visibility. At Marc Martí, we print banners with UVI inks on PVC, textile and canvas. We also use latex inks on recyclable materials, thus providing our clients with an ecological alternative. In addition, we have the capacity to create campaigns from start to finish, advising the client, producing, installing, and recycling the banners, or storing them, with the option to reuse them or give them a new use. Advertising banners are very versatile, as they can be manufactured in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, printed on different materials, on one or both sides. They are highly resistant and can be installed both indoors and outdoors, for large surfaces, sporting, and cultural events, fairgrounds, buildings, or exteriors of premises and businesses.

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