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MARC MARTÍ Commitment to the environment in graphic production. We carry out careful environmental management, complying with current legislation and regulations, thus applying good practices and always with the aim of continuous improvement.

Environmental Commitment

With a firm commitment to contributing to the preservation of the environment, Marc Martí presents a line of ecological products, printed with latex inks and recyclable materials. A way to create more ecological and environmentally friendly advertising. You can make your inquiry or order samples by clicking here.

We recycle!

The process starts with the shredding of the material, in very small portions. This material is first screened by pressurized air to separate impurities and the thread used to sew them. Later, by applying more air, movement and temperature, the separation of the different materials is achieved. The final product is supplied as raw material or base material for the creation of PVC for different products (insulation, pipes, roof coverings for tunnels or civil construction, and others).

All the paper and cardboard we use is FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, a certification system that, through compliance, guarantees that the materials and products used in the production of the products come from responsibly managed forests. Thanks to this, and at the end of their use, we can recycle 100% of the material.

We reuse!

Marc Martí has created a line of products with the environment in mind. From the transformation of advertising banners into bags, folders, aprons, cases, shopping trolleys… In addition, we store all the advertising elements of more than one use in our warehouses, allowing us to reuse them in future campaigns or events. Marc Martí Bags Catalog

We also give a second life to the materials, giving them to construction companies, training centers, and different sectors that have contacted us.

We reduce!

Thanks to our industrial park and our R&D department, we manage to minimize the amount of printing and material used, optimizing resources to the maximum in order not to generate waste material. We ensure the use of the least amount of raw material, thanks to the optimization of all our resources, in a joint effort with each of our departments.

Structural elements for POS, Stands, Ephemeral Furniture and Window Dressing.



Quality, environmental, and energy policy:

The group of companies that Marc Martí represents, has a clear positioning in favor of good practices in the monitoring and management of quality policies, waste control, integral recycling management, and production systems in accordance with the environment and energy sustainability.

Developing these quality standards is an essential point in the development of our industrial and business activity, which is why we comply with all the requirements that our sector needs. A working group, trained and qualified for this purpose, performs monitoring to ensure the proper functioning and development in all our areas, departments, and sections.

We also work actively in the improvement of the whole sector, participating in conferences, round tables, and lectures, around ecology, recycling, and new product lines in accordance with the environment, which we have available for all our customers.

Energy efficiency is also a major focus in our production centers, and that is why we use the most advanced technology to ensure that this is the case. We are part of the sustainability working group of FESPA Spain (Asociación Española de Empresas de Impresión de la Comunicación Visual).

Together with our suppliers, we look for all existing equivalents in terms of materials and products, in such a way that we can offer green and ecological alternatives, as well as the commitment of the manufacturers of our machinery, who are a year after year to improve the systems to make them cleaner and more environmentally friendly, both for the environment and for the workers.

Marc Martí implements its integrated management systems, based on the demanding standards ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015, as well as ISO 50001, which are implemented in all sections and areas of our company, and which have a direct impact on the care of the environment, energy efficiency, and quality control. We carry out waste management from the source and then complete it with the final use of materials by regulatory recycling companies. We also encourage direct recycling, as well as reuse, safeguarding products, and work in our warehouses.

Marc Martí has a firm commitment to maintaining its systems of environmental pollution prevention and waste reduction to the maximum, always with exemplary management of them and in accordance with current regulations.

Our control system is regularly reviewed by the management and specialists of the company, in all cases to evaluate, calibrate and determine the possible necessary and relevant changes in each situation and case.

In an effort to ensure open information and communication, the management makes public its quality, environmental, and energy policy, and invites any organization or company interested in expanding it to contact it.

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